Speedy taxi boat

The Speedy taxi boat is the only official water taxi on Lake Lucerne and not only provides a passenger transport service but is also available for leisure and sporting activities.

Point-to-point journeys

The Speedy taxi boat is licensed for commercial passenger transport services. It will take you to any place by the lake at whatever time you wish – and back, of course. It operates out of the foehn wind-protected harbour in Brunnen. Other departure points are, of course, available. It offers space for seven passengers, of whom two to three can sit in the heated cabin. Night-time rides in poor visibility are also available, thanks to radar and GPS.

Other boat rides

Experience Lake Lucerne at its most beautiful. Cruises can be tailored to your specific wishes. An evening cruise beneath a full moon is bound to prove special. The Speedy taxi boat is also available to you for leisure and sporting activities. For example, kite surfers can use the boat to launch themselves on the middle of the lake.


Location and contact

Speedy Taxiboot
6440 Brunnen
+41 (0)79 445 87 73