Steinen – the Stauffacher village

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The small, charming village of Steinen is situated by Lake Lauerz. Here, you will find the ideal starting point for many activities in and around the Schwyz valley bottom. There are limitless opportunities for sports, relaxation and recreation at all times of year.

Steinen has something for everyone

In culinary terms, Steinen has something to suit every taste, from the Alpwirtschaft Gehren inn below the Wildspitz peak, through to the typical Swiss pub in the village centre.


Steinen is a wonderful starting point for various walks and wonderful strolls. Walk around Lake Lauerz or directly on Mount Mostelberg – it’s all possible here.


The widely renowned Steiner-Chilbi fair (once described in the press as ‘the Chilbi fair to end all Chilbi fairs’) takes place every year on the first Sunday in October and attracts thousands of visitors. Equally famous is the Steiner Fasnacht carnival with the ‘Steiner Nüssler’ carnival troupe led by the two local characters of Talibasch and Välädi. The troupe was first documented in 1861 and its main character – alongside Old Gentleman, Hudi and Gypsy – is called the Blätz.

The Greiflet festival is another celebrated local custom. During this event on the Feast of Epiphany, up to a hundred ‘Geisle-Chlepfer’ (‘whip-crackers’) and ‘Trichler’ (‘cowbell-ringers’) in white shepherd’s shirts and black pointed hats march together from the railway station through the village amidst an ear-splitting cacophony.

Alfons Bürgler’s Tree Figure Gallery in Steinen offers the opportunity for a wonderful family excursion.