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Maid Lisi

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Mercenary Tschännel

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Maid Lisi

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The scenic tour „On tour with ..." is a mixture of theatre and guided tour of the village. You take a walk through the centre of the village of Schwyz and are accompanied by the „maid Lisi" or the „mercenary Tschännel", who convey historically documented content in a scenic way.

Ingenbohl - Brunnen

Die Gemeinde Ingenbohl-Brunnen setzt sich aus dem Dorfteil Brunnen sowie den Siedlungen Unterschönenbuch und Wylen zusammen. Brunnen wurde 1315 erstmals urkundlich erwähnt, als die drei Urkantone im Dorf am See nach der Schlacht am Morgarten ihren Bund von 1291 erneuerten. Bis ins Jahr 1618 gehörte Ingenbohl, wie auch Brunnen, zum Kirchspiel Schwyz und zum «Alten Land Schwyz». Brunnen wurde besonders nach der Eröffnung des Gotthardweges ein wichtiger Warenumschlagplatz. Später enwickelte sich das Dorf zu einem der bekanntesten Fremdenkurorte.

Main village Schwyz

Schwyz is a proud place with a rich past and culture. Swiss history was written here, which can still be seen today in the well-preserved village centre. It is characterised by stately patrician houses, the baroque main square with the town hall and the imposing parish church as well as numerous picturesque old alleys. On an hour-long scenic guided tour of the village, you will immerse yourself in life in the 17th century and gain a completely new perspective of the village.

On tour with maid Lisi

„Maid Lisiˮ is a historical figure who, although fictional, may have lived in Schwyz. Elisabeth Maria Camenzind, called „Lisiˮ, works as a maid for the Reding family. She receives only a modest wage and room and board. Her busy days begin before sunrise and end late after sunset. „Lisiˮ is a cheerful, chatty woman and is often out and about in the village, which is why she knows a lot about everyone. In addition, „Lisiˮ experienced the Schwyz village fire as a child. During the guided tour, you will enjoy many exciting stories.


On tour with ...

You will be on tour with the maid Lisi or with the mercenary Tschännel. This depends on the availability of the actors and actresses.


every Wednesday from 31 May to 30 August 2023


from 19:15 to 20:15


45 to 60 minutes

Group size

up to max. 20 persons


CHF 20.–  per person



Meeting point

in front of the Restaurant Wysses Rössli Schwyz, corner city hall


The tour takes place in all weathers and is only suitable for children aged 12 and over.


Registration is possible online until 17.00h.


Location and contact

Erlebnisregion Mythen
c/o Brunnen Schwyz Marketing AG
Bahnhofstrasse 15
6440 Brunnen
+41 (0)41 825 00 40

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