Schwyz – the cantonal capital

The cantonal capital surprises with a combination of tradition and innovation. Nestled in a romantic valley bottom, Schwyz is surrounded by the canton’s most beautiful mountains and lakes. The two Mythen mountains tower in the background, mounts Stoos and Rigi appear close enough to touch, and Lake Lucerne is also within view.

When visiting Schwyz, it becomes obvious that this is a town full of tradition. The town is shaped by its historic buildings and festive customs. It is no surprise, then, that this beautiful place is home to the Federal Charter. Yet Schwyz also has a lot to offer economically. For example, this town is where the world-famous Swiss Army Knife originates from.

Town centre

The foundation of Schwyz dates back far beyond the Old Swiss Confederacy. It is first mentioned in historical documents in 972 under the name ‘Suittes’. In 1642, Schwyz was virtually razed to the ground in a fire. Only a few buildings survived the flames. This fire paved the way for a redesigned town centre, which was given a new prestige with the Baroque-style main square. The square is dominated by the parish church and town hall, which is regarded as the most beautiful building of its kind in all of Switzerland.

Town walking tour

Along with the main square, the rest of the town centre is also easily explored independently on foot. The circular walking tour through Schwyz features information tables and leads you past the most beautiful manor houses of the 16th and 17th century as well as two abbeys and three museums. Alongside the Museum of the Swiss Charters of Confederation, Schwyz is also home to the Forum of Swiss History, which is part of the Swiss National Museum, and the Ital Reding estate.

Allow yourself to be amazed by the rich history, culture and traditions of Schwyz. You will visit the town centre with its main sights, such as the town square with its church and town hall, as well as the Metzghofstatt square. You will also discover the manor houses and the Ital Reding estate with its patrician house and the Bethlehem House. This tour can be extended with a brief visit to the Ital Reding House or the Museum of the Swiss Charters of Confederation.

Booklet Welcome to Schwyz

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Location and contact

Gemeinde Schwyz
Herrengasse 17
6431 Schwyz
+41 (0)41 819 07 00