Theatre - Christmas fairy tale "S'tapfere Schnyderli"

A dialect fairy tale by Jörg Christen freely adapted from the Brothers Grimm, staged by Fabio Romano.

The poor tailor is just enjoying a tasty jam sandwich when he is annoyed by a swarm of flies. All the scolding and shooing does not help, so he strikes and catches them all, seven flies at one blow. Proudly, he sews the slogan "7 in one strike" on his armour. This heroic deed makes the poor journeyman tailor so brave that he has to go out into the big wide world to make his message known. Thanks to his creativity and bravery, he succeeds in solving the tasks the king sets him and receives the reward he deserves.

And what is the moral of the story? Even if you don't have enormous muscles, you can be very strong! Because with self-confidence, ingenuity and cunning, you can achieve a lot. Every time needs its heroes. Our time also has its land plagues that need to be eliminated.

Loosely based on the Brothers Grimm, Jörg Christen has written an exciting dialect version of this popular fairy tale, suitable for the stage, and it will be staged by Fabio Romano.



Saturday, 24 December 2022


14:00 to 16:00


MythenForum, Reichstrasse 12 in Schwyz


Advance booking:
CHF   5.–  per child
CHF 10.–  per adult

Box office:
CHF 10.–  per child
CHF 15.–  per adult

No reservation possible! Tickets are available in advance from 1 to 20 December 2021 at Raiffeisenbank Rigi in Schwyz and Brunnen and at the box office on 24 December 2021 from 13:30.


Location and contact

MythenForum Schwyz
Tagungs- und Kulturzentrum
Reichsstrasse 12
6430 Schwyz
+41 (0)41 818 60 40