Ägeri on ICE

The Ägeri on Ice team is going all out for the eleventh edition of Ägeri on Ice to take visitors on a journey to the edge of the world. Instead of the usual Christmas Ägeri on Ice, a galactic space centre awaits you.

The former wooden room shines in a futuristic silver look - the Apollo Fondue Unit! Here, the gastronauts spoil their guests with the best fondue in the entire universe. Guests can look forward to a culinary experience, as vacuum-packed dishes are dispensed with.

The ice field, our Tranquility Ice Space, is open to visitors of all ages. The Destiny Material Facility is a convenient place to rent the perfect equipment to explore the ice.

But that's not the end of the experience at Ägeri on Ice. Suddenly, the brave astronaut embarks on the Moonmobile to get the ice field in perfect condition.

So fasten your seatbelts, because together with the Ägeri on Ice team you can take off in this rocket of fantasy. You can visit us from 10 November to 31 December at 730 metres above sea level and experience an extraordinary visit.


Pirouette in the unique atmosphere of the Birkenwäldli and plough over the fresh ice with your blades - that's Ägeri on ICE. There is plenty of space for young and old to let off steam and take their first ride on the ice. For hockey enthusiasts, there is the opportunity to take out the puck and score a few goals in between. Curling requires skill and balance on the ice.


Apollo Fondue Unit

Get the best cheese fondue and fondue chinoise in the universe at the Apollo Fondue Unit! Discover the new design of the restaurant and fly with us to other planets.
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