Balloon fiesta at Sattel-Hochstuckli

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Every winter, up to twelve hot-air balloons take off simultaneously from the Herrenboden and soar into the air. 

A long-standing tradition

For more than 20 years now, various balloon teams from all over German-speaking Switzerland have been meeting at Herrenboden in the Sattel-Hochstuckli ski area for the Stuckli Balloon Fiesta. This unique spectacle takes place on a Sunday at the beginning of each year. As the event is dependent on the wind and weather, decisions are made at short notice. If the event cannot be held due to weather conditions, it will take place on one of the two rescheduled dates.

The colourful mass launch amidst the snow-covered landscape is a winter experience of a special kind. It is not without reason that the balloon fiesta in Sattel-Hochstuckli is one of the most beautiful winter events in the Mythen adventure region.


From 10.30 a.m. the spectators can look over the shoulders of the pilots as they prepare for the start. The mass launch is scheduled for around 11.30 am. The "own" Sattel-Hochstuckli balloon will also be at the start with local pilot and co-organiser Daniel Ganz.



Date Implementation 2024 follows.

Current information

Up-to-date information about the event will be decided on the Friday before the event. The information can be found at www.sattel-hochstuckli.ch.


Allow enough time for the journey by train and a short hike.


Location and contact

6417 Sattel