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We have the label "Clean & Sage"!

Switzerland not only stands for nature, mountains and lakes, but also for quality, reliability, safety and a good health system. This is why the tourism industry associations in Switzerland have created a "Clean & Safe" label. This label is intended to draw the attention of guests to the fact that they are visiting an establishment that has consciously committed itself to adhering to the protection concept against the corona virus.

We have received the label "Clean & Safe". This means that we have drawn up a protection concept, implemented it and also comply with it. So our guests can feel safe in the Tourist Info Fountain. Because the health and safety of our employees and our guests is our top priority.

The company's protection concept must ensure that the following requirements are met. Sufficient and appropriate measures must be provided for each of these requirements. The employer and those responsible for the company are responsible for the selection and implementation of these measures.

  1. All persons in the company clean their hands regularly.
  2. Employees and other persons keep a distance of 1.5m between each other.
  3. Regular cleaning of surfaces and objects after use as required, especially if they are touched by several people.
  4. Adequate protection of particularly vulnerable persons
  5. send sick people home in the company and instruct them to follow the (self-)isolation rules of the BAG
  6. taking into account specific aspects of work and work situations in order to ensure protection
  7. Informing employees and other affected persons about the guidelines and measures
  8. Implementation of the specifications in management, in order to efficiently implement and adapt the protective measures

Protective measures for external offers by Brunnen Schwyz Marketing AG (German)

  • Protection concept Brunnen Schwyz Marketing AG (German) (258 KB)
  • Protective measure external offers by Brunnen Schwyz Marketing AG (German) (171 KB)
  • Protective measure for Swiss Knife Valley VISITOR CENTER (German) (177 KB)

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