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Winter walks in Rothenthurm

Thanks to groomed walking trails, you can explore the winter landscape in and around Rothenthurm with ease. No special equipment is required apart from sturdy shoes. We maintain the following two walking trails for you:


From Lützelmatt in Oberdorf, an ancient footpath leads you through an idyllic little forest by the waterside to Biberegg. This easy winter walk, for which you should allow around 1 hour, can be combined with a visit to the Loreto Chapel. You can return back to the village via the old Kantonstrasse road.


This walk takes you through the wintery raised bog, which is spread out all in white before you. The signposted trail starts at Rothenthurm Railway Station and leads via Müllern-Steinstoss-Bubrugg back to Wassermatt and the railway station. The circular walk takes around two hours.


Location and contact

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