Rothenthurm cross-country ski trail

The Rothenthurm high valley with its moorland landscape is the largest continuous high moorland area in Switzerland. The varied Finnenloipe cross-country ski trail leads through this seemingly Nordic landscape. The route in the protected landscape is a unique natural pleasure.

Not far from the red tower and only a stone's throw from the railway station are the starting and finishing points of the round track. The infrastructure there includes a changing room and a ski rental.

The cross-country ski run, which is prepared for both classic and skating techniques, initially leads out into the wide moorland with little difficulty. The general rule is: the longer the route, the more demanding the profile of the track. No problem for less experienced runners. There are several possibilities to shorten the route at well-marked points. The Bubrugg trail is 7 km long, the Bibersteg 11 km long and the Brügelweg 15 km long. The 20km stretch from the Brügelweg in the direction of Schwyzerbrugg should only be done by experienced and enduring cross-country skiers.

On weekdays, the 3 km trail is illuminated from the beginning of dusk until 21:00.

Rothenthurm is very well developed for both private and public transport.

Route plan