erlebniswelt muotathal in winter

Discover the varied winter experiences of the erlebniswelt muotathal, such as a mountain stream ice excursion or a sleigh ride with the Siberian Huskies.

Thanks to its hard and snowy winters, the Muotathal is virtually predestined for winter experiences of all kinds.

Make your first climbing moves on the ice secured by a rope or enjoy a relaxing snowshoe tour along the remote paths high above the valley. You will learn how to deal with the trusting slaedge dogs and drive your own dog sledge team. Anyone who has ever taken a round trip in a dog sledge is quickly infected by husky fever. Or perhaps you would like to spend the night in an igloo you built yourself!

Winteroffers at a glance

  • Snowshoe tours
  • Full moon snowshoe tour
  • Ice climbing in the ice arena
  • Climbing in for beginners
  • Mountain stream ice excursion
  • Cave excursion
  • Hollow hole short tour
  • Igloo overnight stay
  • Alpine Wellness Day
  • Jungle Fountain