Mythenpark – the freestyle park with views out over Central Switzerland

Located near town, the Mythen Region Ski Resort is popular among the freestyle community thanks to the Freestyle Mythenpark and its North American vibe.

For years now, freestylers have been making the pilgrimage to the Mythen Region, located near town – this is because the lovingly designed ‘Mythenpark’ with its approximately 20 to 25 obstacles and jumps of varying difficulty levels offers adventures with a view, cosy mountain restaurants and easy accessibility.

That North American vibe awaits you

The ‘Mythenpark’ is situated on varied terrain at 1,400 metres above sea level between Grossenboden and Brünnelistock. On this south-facing slope, large spruce trees create a wonderful North American vibe with panoramic views of the lakes and mountains. What started life in 1998 as a small freestyle scene has now grown to become one of Switzerland’s most popular parks. This freestyle park in the alpine foothills meets the needs not only of professionals but also beginners. The park’s terrain is an ideal blend of steep and gentle gradients for a variety of lines. It is also clearly separated from the normal piste network.

Easy to reach by public transport

Two entry points to the Mythen Region lead you to the ‘Mythenpark’: by public transport to Rickenbach bei Schwyz with the Rotenfluebahn cable car, or by car via ‘Handgruobi’ on the mountain pass between Schwyz and Ibergeregg.

Events both big and small

Regular freestyle events are held at the ‘Mythenpark’. During the Sunset Sessions, freestylers can visit the park up until 9 pm. The Tryout Open offers boards and skis to test out directly in the park.

Facts and figures of the Mythenpark


1.400 m


500 m


1.500 m2


Roller Small
Kicker (8, 10 und 15 m)
Kicker (15 m)
Straight-Box (5 m)
Donkey-Rail (7 m)
Straight-Box (15 m)
Big-Black-Tube (8 m)
Tube-Rail (6m)
Cannon-Rail (7m)
Double-Kinked Rail (7m)
Goldengate-Rail (5m)
Straight-Box (6m)
Gap-Down-Rail (8m)
Down-Box (12m)