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Obstacles for walkers

Swiss Path: Flüelen - Brunnen / Photo: outsideisfree.ch


Along the following paths or sections, you must expect trail closures or difficult conditions. Please take the suggested diversions.

Brunnen – Vitznau: Closure

  • Owing to rockfalls, the walkway at Marina Fallenbach (Brunnen) – Brünischart (Brunnen) is closed until approx. early April
  • Diversion via Gersauerstrasse

Seelisberg–Bauen (section B): barbecue spot and play area

In Oberdorf, 20 minutes from the Seelisberg funicular station, nice barbecue spot with play area.
Approx. 20 minutes further on in the pine forest: another spot with large table.

Bauen–Isleten (section C): picnic spot in the tunnel

Approximately halfway between Bauen and Isleten there’s a small picnic spot in a tunnel overlooking the lake.

Isleten–Seedorf–Flüelen (section D): numerous picnic spots

The first picnic spot is barely an hour beyond Isleten.
Numerous others, as well as barbecue spots and play areas, may be found in the Reuss delta between Seedorf (south-west end of the lake) and Flüelen (south-east end of the lake).

Flüelen–Tell Chapel (section E) – no barbecue/picnic spots

There are no official barbecue spots on this section, but there are places where you can rest for a moment and enjoy the views of the lake.

Tell Chapel–Sisikon (section F) – three nice barbecue spots

The 40-minute stretch between the Tell Chapel and Sisikon features a barbecue spot every 10 minutes or so.

Sisikon–Morschach–Brunnen (section G): various barbecue spots

The highest point of this walk boasts a barbecue spot complete with large table, running water and gorgeous views.

Morschach has a barbecue spot near the play area.
There’s another spot with a small play area and a fountain in the middle of the cool forest just before Brunnen.

Gruebi: resting place offering lovely views of the lake and mountains

This resting place is in Tannen, almost exactly halfway between Sisikon and Morschach.

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