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Learning along the way

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Waldstätterweg stage 5: Alpnachstad - Bürgenstock / Photo: outsideisfree.ch

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Waldstätterweg stage 6: Bürgenstock - Beckenried / Photo: outsideisfree.ch

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Waldstätterweg stage 4: Luzern - Alpnachstad / Photo: outsideisfree.ch


Why, when, where and how did the first tourists come to Lake Lucerne and Central Switzerland? How and why was agriculture so important to this region? What has survived from this history? The Web-based educational platform Lernen unterwegs (Learning along the way) provides information and teaching materials based on the Lehrplan 21 curriculum for primary and lower/upper secondary schools.

Five educationally oriented thematic tours on tourism and agricultural history are available: these are distributed around the lake. The thematic tours can be downloaded as PDFs. Each is divided into chapters:

Thematic tours

Thematic tour 1 – Lovely views! Images of Lake Lucerne

Tourism thrives on pictures, and that includes Lake Lucerne. Pupils work on the central aspects of the picture and tourism industry by interpreting paintings, postcards and photographs. The outing takes them to Axenstrasse, where photographer Michael Aschwanden ran a popular outdoor photo studio.

Primary dossier

Lower/upper secondary dossier

Thematic tour 2 – On the trail of tourist pioneers

Visionary mountain railway/cableway builders and hoteliers were instrumental in driving the tourism boom on Lake Lucerne. Studying individuals such as Franz Josef Bucher and Rosa Dahinden, pupils work on the traits of the pioneers and examine why the belle époque was an age of technology and engineering. The tour then takes them on an outing to the Bürgenstock.

Primary dossier

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Thematic tour 3 – Pack your bags! Travelogues through the centuries

With the help of historical accounts of journeys and diary entries, the pupils travel virtually to the sights on Lake Lucerne through the centuries. They learn how travel habits, means of transport and destinations have changed over time. The tour then takes them on an outing with Mark Twain through the Lucerne City.

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Lower/upper secondary dossier

Thematic tour 4 – The guest is king: work yesterday and today

Accompanied by Verena Dahinden, a fictitious chambermaid of the Hotel Schweizerhof in Lucerne, the pupils immerse themselves in the everyday working life of tourism, agriculture and industry of bygone times. The tour then takes them on an outing to the Rotzloch near Stansstad, an early industrial hotspot in Central Switzerland.

Primary dossier

Lower/upper secondary dossier

Thematic tour 5 – Gastronomy and markets: culinary Central Switzerland

Using traditional agricultural products and food, the pupils embark on a sensory journey to discover traditional nutrition, agriculture and markets in Central Switzerland. The tour takes them around Lucerne’s market locations, after which they prepare a festive meal consisting of typical Central Swiss fare.

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