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Route 98
Waldstätterweg trail

The Waldstätterweg is a cultural trail with history. Walking the trail can be combined with a boat, bus or train ride for flexible days out. A wide range of accommodation (hotels/guest houses, agrotourism, etc.) helps immerse you in the country, its people and the unique characteristics of the region. One particularity of the trail is its “hike and swim” option – (almost) anytime you feel like it!


As a regional route of the SwitzerlandMobility network, the Waldstätterweg is waymarked as Route 98 throughout and in both directions. Navigating it is never a problem, but it is best to take maps with you depending on your individual needs.

Maps and brochure

If you want to print the maps out yourself, you can do so in any scale using SwitzerlandMobility’s website.


Parts of the trail are Alpine in character, so with the exception of stage 3, sturdy footwear with good soles is highly recommended. The lengths of each stage were determined with a medium level of fitness in mind. Public transport can be used for some sections of the route to reduce walking times. Weatherproof clothing is highly recommended, too – though you might also like to take your swimming things with you!

Walking times

The walking times are a guide and do not include breaks for eating, sightseeing and bathing. We recommend allowing enough time for the individual stages.

Walking season

Longer than in the mountains: the Waldstätterweg trail is usually walkable all the way round between May and October. The more Alpine sections are not recommended outside this period. The cliff path on the Bürgenstock is closed and impassable between November and April. Some sections on the shoreline can be walked all year round.

Obstacle-free section

Wheelchairs and pushchairs: the Lucerne-Seeburg section has special waymarking and is described in more detail on the SwitzerlandMobility website. The same applies to the Flüelen-Isleten section of the Swiss Path.

Download Flyer Waldstätterweg