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Obstacles for walkers

Swiss Path: Flüelen - Brunnen / Photo: outsideisfree.ch


Along the following paths or sections, you must expect trail closures or difficult conditions. Please take the suggested diversions.

The path during the coronavirus COVID-19

The Swiss Path is open. Please note the timetable of the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company and the mask obligation applies. Keep to the distance rule of 1.5m recommended by the Federal Office and avoid large crowds at barbecue & rest areas.

ship station "Tellsplatte" is closed

The Tellsplatte ship station had to be closed and can no longer be approached by the SGV AG scheduled ships. The structural condition of the ship station is so bad that the operating safety time can no longer be guaranteed. A re-commissioning is possible at the earliest in the 2021 season.

However, the Tellsplatte can still be reached by car or on foot. The Tell's chapel can be reached by the hiking trail. At the Tellsplatte landing stage, the hiking trail is bridged by a temporary footbridge.

Further information can be obtained from the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV) AG at the telephone number: +41 41 367 67 67

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