Sägel-Schutt Nature Reserve by Lake Lauerz

The Sägel-Schutt Nature Reserve lies between Goldau and Lauerz. It is characterised by a wealth of biodiversity that is almost unique within Switzerland. Let yourself be enchanted by this idyllic place!

Lake Lauerz

Lake Lauerz stands out thanks to two characteristics that are a rarity today and that make it especially valuable to humans and nature: owing to the typical silting process, its shores provide an overwhelming diversity of habitats only found in transition zones between land and water. It is also the last lake in the alpine foothills whose water levels vary naturally.


Flanked by the Rigi and Rossberg mountains, you will find one of the most spectacular and diverse moorlands in Switzerland. What makes it unique is the interplay between its pristine lakeland landscape, shaped by extensive reed beds, and the traces of the rockslide at Goldau in 1806. During this event, vast quantities of rock and clay-laced marl thundered down into the valley and covered vast swathes of ground.

Owing to its pristine beauty and its great importance as a natural habitat, the moorland between Goldau and Lauerz is of national significance. The extensive blend of moorland, siltation areas, the lake and traces of the landslide is unique throughout Switzerland. The limited usability of the valley floor, which is waterlogged and covered with rocks, provides nature with a unique opportunity. The valley bottom between Goldau and Lauerz owes a large proportion of its outstanding importance to its barely disrupted water balance. The numerous unspoilt brooks and ponds, the high groundwater table, as well as the sporadic flooding of the lake’s shores are crucial in preserving the richly faceted moorland and its distinctive biodiversity.

Discover this unique natural landscape and its biodiversity.


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