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Extension of the certificate requirement

Dear guests, please note that as of Monday, 13 September 2021, a valid Covid certificate and an official ID are required for consumption in restaurant (indoor), museums and other leisure establishments. A Covid certificate is required from the age of 16. A self-conducted rapid test without a certificate is not sufficient.  A certificate is also required for offers. Thank you for your understanding.

Rothenthurm Moorland

Between Rothenthurm and Biberbrugg lies the Switzerland’s largest raised bogs: a wide plain that offers recreation to people and animals. You can walk, cycle and ride through this pristine moorland. In the winter months, winter walking trails and a cross-country ski trail lead across the raised bog.

A bog with a history

The Rothenthurm raised bog became famous throughout Switzerland in 1987, when the local residents successfully petitioned against a shooting range in this area. The moorland has been protected ever since – and nature can develop her full splendour here. Birds build their nests, frogs spawn, and wild orchids grow from the ground without any human interference. Lush meadows are interlaced with mystical forests, grasses and mosses, making this upland valley glow in earthy and russet colours.

Easy to get to from Rothenthurm

Rothenthurm has parking spaces available and is easy to reach by public transport, thanks to good bus and train connections. The pristine nature of the raised bog is easy to reach from the village, where you will also find opportunities to purchase food and drinks.


Location and contact

Rothenthurm Tourismus
6418 Rothenthurm
+41 (0)41 838 00 66