Adventure Farm Fronalp

The Swiss Holiday Park in Morschach also includes an adventure farm. Here, children can learn about daily life on a farm in a play-based and exciting way. Petting the animals is permitted.

Adventure Farm Fronalp

This little adventure farm is home to many indigenous animals such as cows, goats, chickens, rabbits, ponies and horses. These include breeds monitored by ProSpecieRara, a foundation that works to preserve endangered breeds of Swiss farm animals. The various horse rides on offer are a real highlight. There are exciting and unforgettable horse-riding adventures for day visitors and overnight guests on offer.

Excellent animal welfare standards

The Adventure Farm Fronalp has excellent animal welfare standards so that the animals stay healthy and have proper rest times. Visitors can still look forward to some great adventures, however. They can get involved in the everyday jobs of the farm, and children can learn through play how a proper farm works. They discover where milk comes from, how cheese is made and how calves are born. 

Fronalp adventures and products

Various activities for families and children in and around the Adventure Farm Fronalp, such as feeding the animals, milking and farmyard games, are included in the weekly events programme at the Swiss Holiday Parks. The Adventure Farm Fronalp not only looks after the animals but also produces dairy products.

Opening times

Daily from 10 am–7 pm


Location and contact

Swiss Holiday Park
Dorfstrasse 10
6443 Morschach
+41 (0)41 825 50 50