Stand-up paddleboarding

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Glide across Lake Lucerne on a stand-up paddleboard and enjoy the beautiful nature and mountain scenery while taking in the lake from a whole new perspective.

What is SUP?

SUP is exactly what the name suggests: standing up on a board while paddling. This involves a surfboard-like board that you have to maintain your balance on. A paddle is used to provide the necessary propulsion to get around on the lake. This sport, which will see you a little wobbly on your feet at first, originally comes from Hawaii and has been very popular in Europe for some years now. With stand-up paddleboarding, you will get to glide majestically across the lake. With a little balance training in combination with plenty of fun, adventure and professional supervision, you will learn the art of SUP.


You can book individual SUP courses and excursions with our partner Adventure Point. They also organise around a dozen SUP evening taster sessions throughout the summer, which you can participate in for free. Let the professionals and their tips help you get the hand of this sport and enjoy the water in a whole new way.


Location and contact

Adventure Point
Föhnhafen 6
6440 Brunnen
+41 (0)79 247 74 72

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