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Klettergarten Gross und Chli Schijen


If you are familiar with climbing equipment and have strong arms, are good with heights and courageous enough, then via ferratas offer you a relatively safe introduction to the exposed world of walls, ridges and cliffs.

Via ferratas

Via ferratas are climbing trails, often on steep gradients, that lead along cliff faces. These are equipped with steel ropes, steps, stairways, ladders and brackets. Climbing on via ferratas has grown massively in popularity in recent years, and numerous new trails have been installed in the Alps.

National via ferratas

The first proper via ferratas in Switzerland were constructed on Mount Tällistock in Obergoms VS. A whole variety of other spectacular climbing parks has been constructed since then. These provide alpine sports enthusiasts with a varied range of exciting climbing routes. The routes  are categorised according to different difficulty levels. So, find the right via ferrata for you and enjoy the fun of climbing amidst fantastic mountain scenery.

Regional climbing gardens

In the Adventure Region Mythen, we can recommend the ‘Chli Schijen’ climbing gardens on Mount Ibergeregg and the ‘Chämiloch’ in Seewen. The Chämiloch is one of the oldest climbing parks in Central Switzerland and very easy to reach. It is therefore also suitable for climbing after work. Thanks to the refurbished routes, climbing here is very safe. Chli Schijen is a collection of free-standing pinnacles and rocks. It offers spectacular views of the Uri Alps, Mount Rigi and Lake Lucerne. The safety features are good and almost all of the rock formations can be climbed on foot, with only a few requiring the additional use of a sling for safety.


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