Herbal courses from the Sattel School of Medicinal Plants with Brigitte

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Brigitte Waser

The medicinal plant lady, Brigitte Waser-Bürgi offers not only a herb hike of 1.5 hours, but also a daily herb course "Making your own remedies", team building with herb menu cooking and herb walks into the high moor.

Medicinal plants lecture

Many herbs that grow on our doorstep are well-known medicinal plants that help us to stay healthy. During the lecture you will get to know eight local medicinal plants which you can use as tea, compress, tincture or ointment. Homemade remedies for home use will be shown during the lecture. Tea, ointments, syrups, tinctures, emulsion, liqueur, thick juices and much more.

Herbal walk

Many plants that grow right on our doorsteps help us stay healthy throughout the year, even on a budget. On the walk you will learn about their healing properties and dangers.

Course day at the medicinal plant school

Learn in one day how to make your own remedies for home use. Using plants from the surrounding area, you will learn the theoretical and practical basics of making remedies for home use. A cough syrup, wine extract and an ointment will be made. In the morning we collect a few herbs, then we are indoors for the whole course day. Culinary herbs will be added to lunch and the break meals.

Herbal hike & herbal menu

You will learn many interesting things about medicinal plants that grow in Sattel. Which ones are allowed in risotto, or can be used as a remedy? Which ones are simply there to be admired? The hike takes place in the morning. The simple lunch, a 4-course herbal menu, will be cooked together with the collected plants.


Medicinal plant lecture

Costs: from CHF 350.– / plus room rental depending on group size

Duration: 20 minutes to 1 hour

Group size: 5 to 300 persons

Dates: All year round

Where: anywhere possible in a hall with beamer

Language: German

Supplement: Apéro with homemade herbal products at CHF 15.– per person

Herbal walk

Costs: from CHF 250.–

Duration: 1.5 hours

Group size: max. 25 persons

Dates: March to end of September

Where: In Sattel SZ or at your place

Dates: In all weathers with appropriate clothing

Language: German

Included: professional explanations of the native plants

Additional: aperitif with homemade herbal products at CHF 10.– per person

Course day at the medicinal plant school

Cost: CHF 190.– per person

Duration: 9 hours (whole day)

Group size: 4 to 6 persons

Dates: May to end of September

Where: In Sattel SZ at the medicinal plant school

Dates: In all weathers

Language: German

Included: Food, homemade herbal products and comprehensive course documentation.

Herb hike & herb menu

Cost: CHF 900.– flat rate upto 10 people, CHF 50.– for each additional person

Duration: 9 hours (whole day)

Group size: max. 16 persons

Dates: from May to the end of September

Where: In Sattel SZ

Hike: Railway station - Morgartenhaus approx. 3 km, 50 metres altitude difference

Implementation: in all weathers

What to bring:  Snack, good shoes, clothes suitable for the weather, note material, as there is only 1 course sheet.

Language: German

Included: Catering


Location and contact

Heilpflanzenschule Sattel
Brigitte Waser-Bürgi
Herreneggstrasse 1
6417 Sattel
+41 (0)41 835 19 25