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Herb hikes and courses with the medicinal plant lady

The medicinal plant lady, Brigitte Waser-Bürgi offers not only a herb hike of 1.5 hours, but also a daily herb course "Making your own remedies", team building with herb menu cooking and herb walks into the high moor.

Medicinal plants

Many plants that grow right outside our front doors help us to stay healthy throughout the year, even on a small budget. In herbal courses you will learn about their healing effects and dangers. You will know which ones you can use yourself to make remedies or as edible wild plants for cooking.

Medicinal plant lady

For many years Mrs. Waser has been completely enthusiastic about medicinal plants. As a trained nurse HF, phyto therapist and adult educator HF, MAS A&PE, she has been passing on her knowledge of medicinal plants since 2004. Let yourself be infected by the enthusiasm potential of the native plant world.


all year round

Group size

4 to 50 persons


1 to 9 hours


depending on offer, on request


Location and contact

Heilpflanzenschule Sattel
Brigitte Waser-Bürgi
Herreneggstrasse 1
6417 Sattel
+41 (0)41 835 19 25