Guided village tour of Schwyz with focus Town Hall of Schwyz

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The striking town hall on the main square in Schwyz is known for its historic and impressive façade painting. During a guided tour of Schwyz with a focus on the Town Hall of Schwyz, be surprised not only by the rich history of the town hall, but also of the main town of Schwyz with its culture and traditions.

Guided village tour with focus

Schwyz can look back on a long historical development, which has always been linked to the founding of the Swiss Confederation. The town centre is characterised by stately patrician houses, the main square with the town hall and the imposing parish church and is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Switzerland. Major cultural, religious and social events take place here, as well as several goods markets. The town is dominated by the Mythen, the landmark of Schwyz. However, the typical character of Schwyz is not limited to the historic centre, but also the magnificent Schwyz Town Hall with its historic façade painting by Ferdinand Wagner from the 19th century. Schwyz Town Hall is not open to the general public; however, it is possible to book a guided tour.

During the guided village tour with focus you will discover the most important sights of the cantonal capital. In addition, you will not only get to admire the external façade but are also taken through the town hall’s interior. Depending on the availability of the rooms, you will have the opportunity to see the cantonal council hall, the court hall, the conference room, the prison cells in the basement, and the anterooms. This is only possible if the rooms are not being used for special meetings or negotiations, however. The guide, who is familiar with the area, will provide you with lots of interesting information, spiced up with plenty of background information.

Rathaus Schwyz - NEU

1314 wurde das Rathaus erstmals urkundig erwähnt. Der Neubau erfolgte 1591 bis 1593. Damals tagten Rat und Gericht im Innern des Hauses. Mit Blick auf die 600-jährige Erinnerungsfeier der Eidgenossenschaft, schlug 1891 Kommandant Adelrich Benziger aus Einsiedeln eine Neugestaltung der Hauptfassade vor. Künstler Ferdinand Wagner wurde damit beauftragt. Bis heute sind an den Rathausfassaden Wagners Werke zu sehen, wie die Schlacht am Morgarten und der Landamman Stauffacher. Die Gemälde von Landammann Stauffacher und der Schlacht am Morgarten sind besonders erwähnenswert. Heute dient das denkmalgeschützte Rathaus als Sitz des Kantonsparlaments und des Bezirksgerichts.


Group size

max. 40 persons


approx. 1½ hours


CHF 260.–   flate rate up to 20 persons


German / English, French and Italien on request

Access / opening hours

Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 11:30 and 13:30 to 16:00

The town hall of Schwyz is not open to the general public;. The halls are used by the government and the court. Consequently, it may not be possible to visit all rooms at short notice.


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