Guided tour of Schwyz – including a visit to the Forum of Swiss History

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Let the rich history, culture, and traditions of Schwyz surprise you on a guided tour that concludes with a visit to the Forum of Swiss History where you can learn all about the evolution of the Old Swiss Confederacy.

Local guided tour with focus

The town of Schwyz looks back on a long history that has always been associated with the foundation of the Switzerland. With its patrician houses, representative town hall, and impressive parish church, the town’s main square is regarded as one of the finest in Switzerland; it hosts cultural, religious, and other major social events as well as several types of market. The Mythen are two pyramids of rock that form Schwyz’s towering landmark.

Besides the historic town centre, the Forum of Swiss History in the former arsenal also adds to the quintessentially Swiss character of Schwyz.  

The guided tour introduces you to the most important sights in Schwyz, the main centre in the canton of the same name. The tour is rounded off with a visit to the Forum of Swiss History with its permanent exhibition titled Switzerland in the Making from the 12th to the 14th century. Your guide is a local person with in-depth knowledge who will share lots of interesting background details with you.

Forum of Swiss History in Schwyz

No country has been around forever, and the same is true of Switzerland. While its history goes back over 700 years, the country’s origins in particular cause feelings to run high and give rise to heated debate. Switzerland in the Making from the 12th to the 14th century is the title of the Forum’s permanent exhibition that examines the conditions that led to the formation of the Old Swiss Confederacy during the Middle Ages. The story of Switzerland’s origins takes the form of an adventure trail that appeals to children and adults alike. Its unusual design over three floors ensures a visit here becomes quite an experience.


Group size

60 persons at most


Roughly. 1½ hours


CHF 360.–   flate rate up to 20 persons

incl. admission to the Forum of Swiss History Schwyz


German / English; French and Italien on request

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Location and contact

Erlebnisregion Mythen
c/o Brunnen Schwyz Marketing AG
Bahnhofstrasse 15
6440 Brunnen
+41 (0)41 825 00 40