Guided tour of the Private Museum of the Historic Swiss Army

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The private museum Historic Swiss Army in Schwyz offers a historical insight into the period after Napoleon, the Sonderbund War in Switzerland and the formation of the Swiss Army after the founding of the Swiss Confederation in 1848.

In three exhibition rooms you will gain an in-depth insight into the Swiss army around 1850.

The exhibition includes uniforms of all troop types with hats and tchakos, equipment, sabres and weapons. These objects tell of the life of a soldier after the founding of the Swiss Confederation. The blue, colourful uniforms of the orderlies of 1852 / 1861 / 1875 and 1898 were splendid and always in line with fashion.

Numerous lithographs, documents and pictures show the uniforms and events of this period and, with cross-references to Napoleon's time in Switzerland, the Sonderbund War and the Bourbaki Army's invasion of Switzerland in 1871, provide a historically exciting insight into this era.

The tour is a journey into the past, a historical excursion with insights into weaponry and uniform lore. With the help of uniforms and pictures, weapons and objects of daily use, the history of Switzerland, but also of soldiers in foreign service around 1820, comes to life.

Guidet tour

In a tour of approx. 2 hours, you will gain an in-depth insight into the time when Switzerland and its army were formed.

A possible thematic extension would be on the following topics:

  •  Napoleon and Switzerland around 1800;
  •  Swiss soldiers as mercenaries around 1800 to 1860;
  •  The Sonderbund War in 1847;
  •  The Bourbaki Army's defection to Switzerland and its impact on Switzerland.


Opening times

On request


2 hours

Costs / number of participants

The number of participants per tour is limited to 15. If there are more people, several guided tours are possible one after the other.

Costs per guided tour at least CHF 100, depending on the size of the group.


German & French

Arrival / Location

The Privat Museum is located at Herrengasse 20 in Schwyz.

  • By public transport: Arrive at Schwyz or Brunnen railway station, then take the Auto AG Schwyz bus to Schwyz, centre. From there it is a 2 minute walk.
  • By car: Exit Schwyz, follow the signs to Schwyz until Hauptplatz Schwyz. From there it is a 3 minute walk. Car parking is available at the Schwyz tax office.
  • By car: Exit Schwyz, follow the signs towards Schwyz. There is a multi-storey car park at Hofmatt

Location and contact

Privatmuseum Historische Schweizer Armee - Schwyz
Conradin Duschletta
Kastanienrain 4A
6440 Brunnen
+41 (0)79 710 06 69