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Cherry–Sarcophagus – the first vintage cherry house in the world

1 - 1,5 h
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  • Welcome and reception in the Renaissance parlour from 1664
  • Visit to the vintage cherry cellar, significance of the vintage cherry
  • Visit of the Cherry–Sarcophagus
  • Tasting of vintage cherry brandies, from 4 different decades, such as: 2003, 1990, 1980, 1979 in the Cherry–Atelier
  • Unique opportunity to purchase exclusive vintage cherry brandies in the Cherry–Atelier


1 – 1,5 hours


CHF 300.– up to 20 persons
from 20 persons CHF 15.– per person

Group size

Up to 50 persons (Larger groups on request)

Visiting hours

All year round (except Sundays, local and national holidays)
Reservation required at www.kirschstrasse.ch

Place of execution

Gotthardstrasse 41
6414 Oberarth

The first vintage cherry house in the world

After the sale of the distillery, Lukas Fassbind founded the "Kirschstrasse" in 1998 to organize events and seminars on the subject of cherries. Over the past 21 years, Lukas Fassbind has built up a top-class collection of rarities. In addition, he bought all the vintage cherry brandies from the traditional Arnold Dettling distillery in 2018, as they were no longer produced at Brunnen. In September 2019, Lukas Fassbind opened the world's first vintage cherry brandy in the parent house. Here, visitors will find around 8'000 bottles of Swiss vintage cherry from various eras, which can be tasted or purchased.


The head office Fassbind has various rooms from different epochs such as Renaissance, Baroque, Biedermeier, Art Nouveau and Modernism. The heart of the house, however, is the cherry sarcophagus, which is in great demand. Here the 150 most precious bottles of the collection are stored, such as a vintage cherry from 1887 from the house of Dettling, according to Lukas Fassbind "the Mona Lisa among cherry brandies". Among the highlights is also a two-piece collection of Baur-au-Lac cherry, produced in 1921 and 1942 on the Mädikon estate, home of the founding family of the Zurich luxury hotel Bar au Lac. Fassbind has gathered his treasures from all corners of the country, almost exclusively from private collections.

On a tour of the cherry sarcophagus, you will discover the variety of fine cherry brandies and immerse yourself in the world of cherries and cherry brandies. You will receive exclusive vintage cherry brandies from well-known brands such as Etter, Dettling and Fassbind, as well as historical brandies from Swiss cherry distilleries that have long since closed down. You will also taste vintage cherry brandies from four different decades and receive narratives distilled memories from days long gone. Because every vintage has its own story.


Location and contact

Kirschstrasse Schweiz GmbH
Kirschstrasse 1
6414 Oberarth
+41 (0)41 855 50 58