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Extension of the certificate requirement

Dear guests, please note that as of Monday, 13 September 2021, a valid Covid certificate and an official ID are required for consumption in restaurant (indoor), museums and other leisure establishments. A Covid certificate is required from the age of 16. A self-conducted rapid test without a certificate is not sufficient.  A certificate is also required for offers. Thank you for your understanding.

Ride in a Voyageur canoe – unadulterated adventure

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Adventure Point offers you a ride in a Voyageur canoe with approx. 12 seats on a lake in Central Switzerland or a location of your choosing on request. A detailed overview of these lakes can be found on the linked website. This fun adventure is especially suitable for group and corporate excursions and promotes team spirit.

Explore the heart of Switzerland in a Voyageur canoe and trace the history of the Old Swiss Confederacy. Admire the impressive bays and cliffs, pristine shores and much more!

Voyageur canoe

A Voyager canoe is a large canoe propelled with the aid of a paddle. Unlike a kayak, the paddle of a Voyager canoe has only one blade, and not two.



From CHF 80.00 per person


Canoe guide, Voyageur canoe: 9–14 seats, boat transport, life vest and paddle


Location and contact

Adventure Point
Föhnhafen 6
6440 Brunnen
+41 (0)79 247 74 72