Active Escape Room

Are you brave enough to break away from everyday life and experience something unique? Then there are two unusual and exciting adventures awaiting you.

The Active Escape Room is just the right activity for those seeking thrills or wanting to plan a special occasion. Whether it’s with family, friends or colleagues – mastering the challenges of this game takes teamwork, brains and good communication.

The mission

There are two adventures to enjoy, both promising lots of play, fun, excitement and a few surprises. With each adventure, a team of 2 to 6 people is locked in a room. The task is to solve the tricky puzzles and reveal the hidden secrets in order to escape within 60 minutes.

The «Break-In» game

An unforeseen event forces you to break into a house and take possession of something valuable. With shaky knees and full of adrenaline, you creep around the house at night. Are your nerves strong enough to successfully complete this break-in, get your hands on the family legacy and disappear before you are discovered...?

The «Psycho» game

You find yourselves in a dungeon and realise that you are at the mercy of a psychopath. Pitiless, cold-blooded and unpredictable, he plays his little games with you. For his amusement, he gives you an hour’s time to save your lives. With his eyes on your back, the race against time begins. Will you manage to outwit the psycho and save your skin…?


Location and contact

Active Escape Room
Gersauerstrasse 62
6440 Brunnen