St. Jacob Parish Church

The Catholic parish church of St. Jacob in Steinen is one of the canton’s oldest ecclesiastical buildings and under a preservation order.

The building’s late-Gothic style enchants not only church-goers. It also makes walkers stop to admire the wonderful architecture. The first church in Steinen is believed to have been built as early as 1125. Further ‘renovations’ were carried out thereafter, until the St. Jacob Parish Church gained its current admirable appearance. The ossuary behind the church contains countless bones and skulls that were transferred there after cemetery clearances. The wooden ceiling, murals and a Gothic winged altarpiece are also distinctive.

Church services

Church services are held on Saturday at 7 pm, Sunday at 9:15 am and 7:30 pm, and according to the notices in the parish letter.


Location and contact

Röm.-kath. Pfarramt
Rossbergstrasse 1
6422 Steinen
+41 (0)41 832 13 28