St. Anthony Parish Church

‘Saint Anthony, pray for us’ is written in capital letters above the roof of this church in Rothenthurm. This is not the only reason why many visitors become immediately aware of the St. Anthony Parish Church in the centre of the village. In relation to the number of inhabitants, this church – which was consecrated in 1940 after decades of construction – is enormous. According to legend, its builders were determined to make it a few feet longer than the one in Schwyz.

Napoleonic chandeliers

The wooden altars are especially valuable, as are the large windows, which truly come into their own when the sun projects the magnificent colours into the church's interior. The carvings on the choir chairs and benches and the wooden figures of the apostles are also examples of great craftsmanship. The restoration work carried out in 1993/94 restored the church to its discreet colours of white and grey. The church’s crowning glory is a gift from the abbey church at Einsiedeln: a splendid chandelier from Napoleon III.


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