Schwyz Town Hall

The distinctive town hall on Hauptplatz square in Schwyz is famous for its impressive historical façade murals.

The town hall is first mentioned in historical records in 1314. A new building was erected on the site between 1591 and 1593. At the time, the town council and courts held their sessions inside the building. There was a treasury, writing rooms, a salt chamber, a dungeon and a dance hall. On 20 April 1642, a fire broke out in the Schmiedgasse in Schwyz. A total of 47 houses, including the church and the town hall, burned down. Construction of the new town hall began a year later. Constructed on the fire walls, the building didn’t prove solid enough, however, and had to be remodelled in 1777. The work was overseen by Carlo Andrea Galetti.

With a view to the 600th anniversary of the Confederacy, Commander Adelrich Benziger of Einsiedeln suggested a new design for the building’s façade. The artist Ferdinand Wagner was commissioned. To this day, the town hall’s façade is adorned with paintings by Wagner, such as the Battle of Morgarten and Chief Magistrate Stauffacher.

Today, the former dance hall serves as the chamber of the cantonal council. The district council holds its sessions in another historical room. The panelling and coffered ceilings are among the most precious examples of their kind.

Guided tours

The town hall is not open to the general public. However, we will be happy to arrange a guided tour.


Location and contact

Bezirkskanzlei Schwyz
6430 Schwyz
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