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Schilte-Nüni is the name given to a group of houses in Brunnen because they originally featured nine gables (‘Nüni’ being Swiss dialect for ‘nine’). Together with the ‘Chappeleplatz’, they form the original village centre of Brunnen.

A large section of the village was razed to the ground by a fire on 16 May 1620. The village was then rebuilt according to old plans. The burgeoning foreign tourism industry brought life to the village. It seemed as if Brunnen was seriously intent on growing into a cosmopolitan metropolis. This spurred on construction work, especially near the lake and by the Gütschhang hill. The village was given a new look with the row of old gabled houses. This row of houses begins by the former ‘Sust’, or goods warehouse, and was named ‘Schilte-Nüni’ – a card in a locally popular game called ‘Jass’ – on account of the original nine gables. The houses were already painted in bright colours in 1835. The façades of the guesthouses were restored in the 1980s as part of a joint project by the owners. In January 2004, the historic Schilte-Nüni was largely consumed by fire and was subsequently rebuild in accordance with strict guidelines.


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