Letziturm tower

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The Letziturm tower as a defensive structure

The red-shingled tower is a relic from the 14th century. As the upland plain of Rothenthurm formed part of the disputed territories in the conflict known as the Marchenstreit between Schwyz and Einsiedeln Abbey, a defensive wall was erected from hillside to hillside in 1310. The corner towers at the ends of the 450-metre wall followed in 1323 – one of which is the red tower still in existence today.


The Letziturm tower is first mentioned in historical records in 1487, where it is said that the tower can be found ‘bey dem rothen thurn gelegen’ (‘situated by the red tower’) or, in 1553, ‘endertt dem thuren gelegen’ (‘situated by the gates’). Today, you can hear the locals refer to it as the ‘Turä’ (‘gateway’) or ‘im Turä obä’ (‘above the gate’). The Letziturm tower, the emblem of Rothenthurm, is an intrinsic part of the townscape.

The Letziturm tower in the heart of Rothenthurm gave the village its name and adorns the municipality’s coat of arms. Until the 1950s, all through-traffic was funnelled through the narrow gate in the red tower.


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