Chapel of the 14 Holy Helpers

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According to local historian Felix Donat Kyd, the Chapel of the 14 Holy Helpers had already been built by 1576 and is located along the Alte Gasse, by the little hill called Gütsch.

This small chapel is rectangular in shape, with interior dimensions of 3.10 metres x 1.95 metres. It is covered with a simple wooden roof. The chapel walls are adorned with wooden panels painted in the 18th century with images of the 14 holy helpers, ‘Blaise, Cyriacus, George, Erasmus, Vitus, Margaret, Acacius, Christopher, Pantaleon, Giles, Eustace, Denis, Catherine and Barbara’.

On the altar are three late-Gothic statues: a pietà (Mary cradling the body of Jesus), Saint Peter and Saint Paul. There is an interesting replica of the pietà in the altar of the ossuary in Steinen. The three statues date from the first third of the 16th century and their current whitewashing dates from the Baroque period. The valuable pietà was installed in the Bundeskapelle (‘Federal Chapel’) in the early 1950s. Unfortunately, it was stolen in November 1985 and, despite intensive investigations, has never been found since. The replica was made using a mould taken from a similar statue from the same era that existed in Rickenbach and served as a template. It was installed with a formal ceremony in late August 1996.


Location and contact

Alte Gasse
6440 Brunnen
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