Yodel mass


During a yodel mass, Schwyz-based yodelling clubs accompany the church service with yodel songs and dedicate their sounds to God.

A yodel mass is a normal church service that is musically accompanied by a yodelling club. The first yodel mass was held in 1974. Before that time, no suitable yodel music existed until Jost Marty, who was born in Einsiedeln in 1920, composed the first lyrics for yodel masses. In 1981, he composed his second mass, which was performed in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome in the presence of Pope John Paul II in 1983. With their catchy melodies and easily comprehensible texts, the two yodel masses can still be heard at countless yodel church services to this day.

Church-goers enjoy this experience because many of the songs tell of the Creation and the importance of home and solidarity. Church services and folk music are therefore a good match.

Yodel masses are also held outdoors and are especially impressive when witnessed against the backdrop of the Schwyz mountains and lakes. These outdoor yodel masses can be found at the St. Wendelin chapel near Mount Spirstock, for example, or the Ob-Häg chapel below Mount Wildspitz, or on the peak of Mount Fronalpstock, and many other locations.