Steiner Fasnacht carnival

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From the ‘Tagwacht’ or ‘day watch’ on Shrove Monday to the ‘Underemachä’ or ‘burial’ on Shrove Tuesday, the Stauffacher village is enchanted by the magic of carnival. What is referred to as ‘the fifth season’ – i.e. carnival season – is the loveliest time of the year.

The Steiner Fasnacht carnival is enjoyed by young and old alike. What started out as a ritual for driving away evil spirits has over time developed into a wonderful tradition. First documented in 1861, the ‘Rott der Steiner Nüssler’ carnival troupe is led by two local characters, Talibasch and Välädi. Alongside Domino, Bajazzo, Old Gentleman, Hudi and Gypsy, the main character is called the Blätz.

The whole village is gripped with carnival fever on the first day of carnival, Shrove Monday and Shrove Tuesday.

The highlight of the Steiner Fasnacht carnival comes on Shrove Tuesday with the ‘Underemache’. Together with the ‘Steiner Räbe’ (literally the ‘turnips of Steinen’), the ‘Narrenvater’ (‘Father of the Jesters’) climbs onto a small stage on the village square and honours the local authorities, church authorities, masked carnival-goers, the young and the old in a folk song. During the Dance of the Jesters, Talibasch and Välädi lay to rest the card known as the Schellenunder in the locally popular game known as Jass, and thereby the carnival itself.

The main days are the first day of the carnival, Shrove Monday and Shrove Tuesday. The ‘Underemache’ is held on the village square on the evening of Shrove Tuesday.


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