Steiner Chilbi fair

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A place to meet up, celebrate together and have fun. There is also plenty of delicious food on offer.

In October 1933, a nameless schottische dance thrilled the audience at the Hotel Kündig in Steinen SZ. The dance was simply named after the occasion at which it was performed: ‘Steiner Chilbi’. The schottische dance is legendary, and so too is the Steiner Chilbi fair.

The fair is popular among young and old alike, with its various rides and the ‘Beizli’, or food stands, which are run with much effort and care by various local clubs. From risotto to pizza and sausages, there is something for everyone. The youngest visitors are also catered for, with a variety of stands featuring toys and CDs.

On Saturday afternoon, the popular musical carousel with young musicians is held at the various restaurants. Go and enjoy a schnapps-laced coffee at one of Steinen’s inns together with the young musicians and their cheery music. The ‘Stubete’, a gathering of folk musicians, begins in the evening with popular music ensembles. All the bars are open, and the generations mingle!

The Steiner Chilbi fair, where people meet up and have fun.


Location and contact

Steinen Tourismus
6422 Steinen
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