Steiger Masken

The wax masks are still lovingly crafted by hand.

The famous masks from Steiger Masken are made of wax and are textile-like. They are made using plaster casts. Because they are made with wax, the wearer’s body heat causes the finished mask to gently mould itself to their face, thereby heightening the visual impact. The colours become more luminous and natural, adding a personal note to each individual mask. The many different facial casts are used to create masks for the theatre, carnival and other occasions. Whether it’s cheery, scary, abstract, naturalistic or famous faces, the mask-makers give free rein to their imaginations. Every mask is made by hand and is therefore a unique piece.


Location and contact

Bahnhofstrasse 8
6422 Steinen
+41 (0)41 832 10 70