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Extension of the certificate requirement

Dear guests, please note that as of Monday, 13 September 2021, a valid Covid certificate and an official ID are required for consumption in restaurant (indoor), museums and other leisure establishments. A Covid certificate is required from the age of 16. A self-conducted rapid test without a certificate is not sufficient.  A certificate is also required for offers. Thank you for your understanding.

Schwyzer Chilbi fair

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Autumn is the season of fairs. Everything you would expect of a fair – such as market stalls, wild rides, traditional merry-go-rounds and delicious food – can be enjoyed at leisure here.

The word ‘chilbi’ is the Swiss term for a fair or fairground and stems from the Old Alemannic word ‘kilchwîhi’. It therefore originally meant ‘Kirchweihe’, literally ‘church consecration’. This is the annual memorial celebration to commemorate the consecration of a church and is held on the saint day of the church patron. These days, the chilbi has grown independent of the old church consecration days in many villages. What has remained the same is people’s enthusiasm for celebrating.

The Schwyzer Chilbi fair attracts many visitors each year with its rides, food stands and musical entertainments. The fair is held on the Hauptplatz and Hofmattplatz squares and surrounding roads and squares. One especially popular attraction is the market on Monday, when the market traders set out their stalls in the Herrengasse.


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