Rothenthurm carnival

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The carnival in Rothenthurm is small but nice and rustic: the Tyroleans dance their way through the village, children's drummers wake Rothenthurm rudely at 4.00 am on Dirty Thursday, country music invites you to dance in the village pubs and on Carnival Saturday the Hudis even go skiing.

Schmutziger Donnerstag

Dirty Thursday is all about the children's carnival. In the morning, the people of Rothenthurm are rudely roused from bed at 4.00 am by the children's drummers with monotonous "tätärärä-tärärärä, tätärärärä-tärärärä, tätärärärä-tärärätätä, tärärärätä-tärärärärä". The carnival day can begin. 

In the afternoon, the children's parade starts with the most beautiful hudis and floats with the little drummers and the Türmli-Guugern as well as the Little Tyroleans, who then take it in turns to tirol in the pubs to the sound of country music.


On Güdel Monday morning at 4.00 a.m., the adult drummers beat their drums with a monotonous "tätärärä-tärärärä, tätärärärä-tärärärä, tätärärärä-tärärätätä, tärärärätä-tärärärärä".

In the afternoon, the Original Rothenthurmer Tiroler do their rounds in the pubs to Ländler music. It's always a Schottisch, a polka and a Ländler.

Program Rothenthurmer carnival 2024

First Carnival day | Saturday, 27 January 2024

From 18.30 hrs: Carnival opening in the Restaurant Adler & festivities at Restaurant Ochsen with Rossbergbuebä

Schmutziger Donnerstag | 8 February 2024

Dirty Thursday, 08.02.2024: 

  • Children's and pub carnival
  • Wake up at 04.00 am with the children's drummers.
  • 13.30 Children's parade with the Türmli-Guuger and at the parade and Beizenfasnacht with the Little Tyroleans (children's Tyrolean group)

Carnival Saturday | 10 February 2024

Skifasnacht Neusell and Biberegg in the evening

  • All-day après-ski party, all masks travel free on the Neusell ski lift
  • Musical entertainment from 1.00 pm in the Neusell mountain restaurant, Teehüsli at the valley station of the ski lift and
  • in the evening: Ländlerfasnacht in the Café Biberegg restaurant with the Original Rothenthurmer Tiroler

Güdel monday | 12 February 2024

  • from 04.00 a.m. day awakening, with the drummers
  • from 13.00 free masked entertainment and Tyrolean music in the Adler, Ochsen and Schäfli restaurants
  • from 20.00 free masked party and folk music in the Adler and Ochsen restaurants

Güdel Tuesday | 13 February 2024

  • from 13.00 hrs free masked fun and Türmli-Guugern
  • Musical entertainment in the Adler and Ochsen restaurants
  • 13.00 hrs Children's presents at the Rest. Adler
  • 19.30 hrs Ochsenbrugg, Böög burning
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[Translate to English:] 1. Fasnachtstag Rothenthurm 2024


Location and contact

Rothenthurm Tourismus
6418 Rothenthurm
+41 (0)41 838 00 66