Brunner Chilbi fair

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Lightning-fast carousel rides, a test of marksmanship at the shooting gallery, roasted almonds, and many other fun things.

Brunnen impresses with is location directly by Lake Lucerne and its magnificent mountain panorama with the splendid backdrop of the two Mythen mountains. Yet this holiday destination also has lots to offer in terms of culture. Because when the fragrance of gingerbread cookies and roasted almonds fills the air, colourful lights twinkle in the night and people scream with excitement, you know it’s time for the Brunner Chilbi fair. This is always held on the municipal car park from Thursday to Sunday evening during the first week of the summer holidays.

The Brunner Chilbi fair is popular with young and old alike. Various rides, fairground booths and market stalls await visitors. There is also plenty of food and drink on offer. Each of Brunnen’s clubs operate their own food and drink stalls, where visitors can relax and enjoy themselves.

The word ‘chilbi’ is the Swiss term for a fair or fairground and stems from the Old Alemannic word ‘kilchwîhi’. It therefore originally meant ‘Kirchweihe’, literally ‘church consecration’. This is the annual memorial celebration to commemorate the consecration of a church and is held on the saint day of the church patron. These days, the chilbi has grown independent of the old church consecration days in many villages.


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Bahnhofstrasse 15
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