Hofmatt pharmacy in Schwyz

Health is everything - because without health everything is nothing. So it's good to have a contact person nearby who looks after your health with dedication, experience, competence and friendliness: the Hofmatt Pharmacy in the heart of Schwyz!

The Hofmatt pharmacy is your first point of contact for health and well-being in Schwyz and the surrounding area. In the more than ten years that Urs Seeholzer, the federally qualified pharmacist, has been running the Hofmatt Pharmacy, over 500,000 customers have been advised and almost 100,000 prescriptions have been redeemed. Proud figures - and proof that the Hofmatt Pharmacy has established itself as a popular and recognised health centre for people in the region.

The Hofmatt pharmacy is by no means limited to prescription drugs, but offers much more! This includes individual consultations in methods of alternative medicine such as homeopathy, Schüssler salts or Bach flowers. The same applies to the preparation of tea and mother tincture mixtures, professional fitting of medical compression stockings and bandages or the free compilation and checking of home or travel pharmacies. Or the rental of breast pumps and baby scales.

Just as important, however, are the various tests that can be carried out quickly and inexpensively at the pharmacy: Starting with the blood pressure measurement, blood sugar determination, the heart check with individual risk profile, the hair mineral analysis with evaluation and discussion, right up to the Spenglersan test, with which overcome or still existing illnesses can be recognised and subsequently treated specifically. They are also specialists in skin care, healthy nutrition (and healthy weight loss!), good hearing and other things that make life worth living.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
08:00 to 12:00 & 13:30 to 18:30

08:00 to 16:00


Location and contact

Hofmatt Apotheke
Postplatz 6
6430 Schwyz
+41 41 811 56 16