Restaurant Golf Club Axenstein

The restaurant at Axenstein Golf Club enjoys a good reputation among golfers and walkers.

The traditional interior décor and historic pictures provide an insight into the 1920s. The terrace impresses with its breathtaking view of Lake Lucerne and the mountains gently framing the lake. The menu is traditionally Swiss and features local ingredients and classic dishes such as sausage and cheese salad, deep-fried perch fillets, grilled Alpine cheese sandwiches and beef-fillet stroganoff. In autumn, when everything is aglow with golden light, the restaurant tempts visitors with game dishes and traditional ‘Hafechabis’, a type of stew.

A postprandial stroll to the Druid’s Stone is rewarded with amazing views of the Mythen mountains and the valley bottom of Schwyz.

This place is worth the trip for the view alone – visit the restaurant by the golf course and enjoy some delicious food.

Location Rural, green, direct by the golf course
Cuisine Hearty regional dishes