ArtePane – the baking manufactory

ArtePane is a bakery in Brunnen, which produces and markets quality bakery products with the aim of delighting its customers.

The bakery is located in Brunnen and develops, produces and markets quality baked goods with love and passion. The carefully selected assortment is continuously adapted to the market requirements. The manufactory is specialised in sweet pastries, baked rolls and especially in the Origianl Gersauer cheesecake.

Gersauer cheesecake

Cheese, fruit, vegetables and other meatless dishes were created because in our Christian areas Friday was always a day of fasting and therefore no meat was eaten. The Gersauer Käsekuchen was also developed from this tradition during the tourist boom at the turn of the century 1880-1905.

The family Küttel-Camenzind was tenant of a bakery in Gersau from 1978 - 2004. The original recipe of the Gersau cheesecake originates from there. In 1998 the Küttel-Camenzind family moved their bakery production from Gersau to Brunnen. Since then the popular speciality has been produced in Brunnen and distributed to all parts of the country.

From 01 October 2019 the "Gersauer Käsekuchen" history will write a new chapter. ArtePane - the baking manufactory - will continue the traditional production of the nationally known and popular speciality with the greatest care. The special feature of the Gersauer Käsekuchen, apart from 80% professional secret, is the fine yeast dough base.

Sales outlets

You can purchase the products of the baking manufactory in its online shop, directly from production or at various points of sale. You can find further information here...

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Location and contact

ArtePane GmbH
Seewenstrasse 28
6440 Brunnen
+41 41 822 05 85