Joke Trail Muotatal

Thematic Trail
7.8 km
Travel time
approx. 2h
Tour details
Tour details
Joke Trail Muotatal
Photo: Manuela Gili, Schwyz Tourismus
Joke Trail Muotatal
Photo: Manuela Gili, Schwyz Tourismus
Joke Trail Muotatal
Photo: Manuela Gili, Schwyz Tourismus
Joke Trail Muotatal
Photo: Manuela Gili, Schwyz Tourismus
Joke Trail Muotatal
Photo: Manuela Gili, Schwyz Tourismus
Joke Trail Muotatal
Photo: Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus, Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus GmbH
Easy hike in varied terrain, from the Schlattli bus stop to Muotathal (or vice versa). Most of the way leads along the Muota, past idyllic, partly shady resting places and benches, with a fireplace half way. For personal entertainment there are 25 boards with typical Muotathal jokes along the way.

A Muotathaler led a tourist to the Wasserbergfirst. At the top of the ridge the inexperienced mountaineer was dizzy and he crawled on all fours towards the cross. The Muotathaler turned to him in astonishment and said: "Chash frööli uufstaa, ä schlasch dr Grind niänä aa!

From the Schlattli to the church bridge in the Muotathal there are 25 tree trunks with such and similar anecdotes from our valley. According to the character of the people they are mostly unexpected, supplementary answers; dry and sometimes a little hearty in nature. The punch line often lies in the ambiguity of the language and makes you smile. The two-hour hike is easy to manage and offers something for both physical and mental training. Here is another Müsterli:

Two women prayed the rosary alternately on the annual 'um's Wasser' (for water) prayer tour. After ten 'Hail Mary,' one woman said to the other: "I have a tough time! To which the person spoke to replied: "I would not like to be afraid". 

The path is marked with special hiking trail signs.

Technical details

Tour type
Thematic Trail
Starting point
Schlattli bus stop (old funicular railway)
Point of arrival
Muotathal village
2 / 6
56 m
5 m
Best Time of Year
April, May, June, July, August, September, October
The hike begins at the Schlattli bus station, at the valley station of the old Stoos cable car. A few metres along the sidewalk, then turn right and walk towards the Selgis dam. Cross the dam and walk along the lake to Selgis point 554, then along the Muota to Blackerli and Fälmis. Via Weid to the village of Muotathal. Keep right at the Muota bridge, southeast you reach the village of Muotathal (near Schachen).
Safety information
Power plant operation on the Muota, the water level can suddenly rise. Observe warning signs.

Zwischen der vorderen Brücke und der Gietzenenbrücke kreuzt der Witzwanderweg die Schusslinie des Schiessstandes Fluhhof. Informationen zu diesem Wegabschnitt.


An den Stationen der Stoosbahnen sind kostenlose Prospekte mit Informationen zum Gratwanderweg vorhanden:

Erlebniskarte Stoos, Wanderkarte Region Stoos-Muotatal, Prospekt Witzwanderweg

Hiking shoes with good profile or trekking shoes rain jacket drink catering, possibly sticks.
Author’s advice
At Fälmis natural event. Huge rock fall Brand, at the foot of the Zinglenflue.
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Good to know

Stoosbahn valley station funicular car park (chargeable).
Arrival / Return journey

Drive towards Muotathal in Schwyz. The valley station is directly on the road.

Address of Schwyz-Stoos funicular railway valley station:

Stoosbahnen AG, Grundstrasse 230, 6430 Schwyz

Accessible by bus and train
Public transport
Take the SBB to Schwyz-Seewen railway station; Auto AG Schwyz line 1 towards Muotathal SBB timetable AAGS timetable 
Further information & links
Muotathal offers various specialities. The valley is famous for its alp cheese (available in various village shops).