Suworow-Route - SchweizMobil Route 83

69.1 km
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approx. 7 ½ h
Tour details
Tour details
Suworow-Route - SchweizMobil Route 83
Photo: Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus, Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus GmbH
Suworow-Route - SchweizMobil Route 83
Photo: Schwyz Tourismus, Ferien- und Ausflugsregion Schwyz
Suworow-Route - SchweizMobil Route 83
E-Bike Schwand
Photo: Engelberg - Titlis Tourismus, Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus
Mercilessly General Suworow rushed his troops over the Pragelpass into the Glarnerland. The cyclist still suffers at the pass today, recovers at the crystal-clear Klöntalersee, drinks "Elmer Citro" and wonders about the geologically unique alpine overthrust.
In contrast to today's cyclists, in 1799 the Russian troops could not enjoy the beauty of the Alpine world. In late autumn the 70-year-old General Suworow rushed 20,000 ragged soldiers from Altdorf over the Chinzigpass (2073 m) into the Muota Valley, over the Pragelpass into the Klöntal, through the Sernftal and over the Panixerpass (2400 m) into the Vorderheintal. Thousands froze to death in rain, snow and fog. The 18% steep Pragelpass is still strenuous, but nature is worth it: below the wild Muota, above the bare, furrowed karst landscape of the Silver, the mysterious Bödmeren jungle with falling wood, scrub and ferns, and inside the mountain the Hölloch, a 190 km long cave system. The fjord-like, clear Klöntlalersee lake reflects the Firnkuppe des Glärnisch, the main town of Glarus is the busy centre of the Glarnerland. The early industrialisation of the Linth valley brought Schwanden the first consumer association in Switzerland, the oldest hunting ban area, the "Freiberg Kärpf", has Schwanden since 1548. 40 million years old is the worldwide unique geological alpine overthrust, which lies on the razor-sharp, yellowish edge in the rock faces of the Sernft valley. For centuries, slate was quarried from the mountain for roofs, tables and school blackboards, the latter of which can be seen up close in the slate museum in Elm.

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6 / 6
1709 m
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May, June, July, August, September, October
Schwyz - Oberschönenbuch - Suworowbrücke - Muotathal - Pragelpass - Richisau - Hinter Klöntal - Klöntalersee - Riederen - Glarus - Schwanden - Sool - Soolsteg - Engi - Matt - Elm
Gepumpte Pneus, 2 kräftige Bremsen, Reflektoren, Trinkflasche
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Die Tour ist mir der Nr. 83 beschriftet.

Aktuelle Informationen zum Pragelpass finden Sie hier.

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There are few parking spaces in the vicinity of the station.
Arrival / Return journey
Coming from Basel-Lucerne:

At Lucerne, take the A14 towards Zug. At the Rütihof motorway junction, take the A4 motorway in the direction of Schwyz. Take the Schwyz motorway exit and follow the signs to Schwyz railway station.


Coming from Lake Constance and Rapperswil:

From Rapperswil, drive in the direction of Gotthard/Schwyz. At Pfäffikon, take the A3 motorway for a short distance in the direction of Gotthard. Take the first exit in the direction of Gotthard/Schwyz. The country road leads you via Rothenthurm and Sattel to Schwyz. In Schwyz, drive in the direction of Schwyz, railway station.


Coming from Gotthard-Altdorf:

Take the by pass (tunnel) at Flüelen in the direction of Schwyz. Take the motorway exit in Schwyz and drive to Schwyz railway station.

Accessible by bus and train
Public transport
Take the train to the Schwyz, Bahnhof stop. The bike route starts there