Hiking Trail
6.8 km
Travel time
approx. 2 ½ h
Tour details
Tour details
Luftseilbahn Illgau - St. Karl
Photo: Beat Brechbühl, Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus GmbH
Photo: Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus, Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus GmbH
Dorf Illgau
Photo: Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus, Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus GmbH
The Illgau - St. Karl cable car, which is in the middle of the village, takes you to the starting point, the Oberberg St. Karl mountain station.
After a short run, you reach the cosy Oberberg mountain restaurant. From here it's 100m along the road to the alp building. Now the trail climbs steeply for a short while to the picturesque Baumkragen. Pass the alp Unterer Chaltenbrunnen and follow the hiking trail towards Strit - Hinter Oberberg. You cross the Rieter with its meagre meadows, flowers and almost a dozen "Euschen". Until the last quarter of the 20th century, these were used for the temporary storage of mountain hay, which was only brought to the winter stables of the cattle with sledges, the "Männeln". The trail climbs gently through bush and forest to Zopf, point 1330, where a bench at the signpost invites you to take a short break. The Kaiserstock with its vassals, the Fronalpstock and its grassy mountains, in the continuation towards the west the lake, the Pilatus and the Rigi mountains. This magnificent arena must be observed. Continue downhill to the Hinterer Oberberg with its charming terraces and scattered farms. On the right of the Zingelberg is the Herz Jesu Chapel. At Bergli, follow the ancient church path to the left through the Linthi forest. Past the old "Gruebeli", which serves as a shelter for tired hikers, we approach the starting point, the village of Illgau.

Technical details

Tour type
Hiking Trail
Starting point
St. Karl, mountainstation
Point of arrival
Illgau Dorf
3 / 6
170 m
531 m
Best Time of Year
May, June, July, August, September, October
St. Karl mountain station - Oberberg - Zingelberg - Bergli - Illgau village
Good walking shoes, water bottle, walking sticks, clothing suitable for the weather.
Author’s advice
Visit to the Chapel of the Sacred Heart, Hinterer Oberberg
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Good to know

Parking is available at the valley station of the Ried-Illgau cable car and at the church in Illgau.
Arrival / Return journey
By car on the A4 to the Schwyz exit, then in the direction of Muotathal to the valley station of the Ried-Illgau cable car or by car in the direction of Muotathal until after the valley station of the funicular, follow the signs to Illgau.
Accessible by bus and train
Public transport
From Schwyz railway station, take bus line 501 to the Ried (Muotathal) stop, Illgau cable car.

Then take the Illgau-Ried cable car to the village of Illgau.

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