Circular route - "To Steinerberg

Hiking Trail
6.0 km
Travel time
approx. 2 h
Tour details
Tour details
Circular route - "To Steinerberg
Aussicht auf das Flachmoor Sägel
Photo: Gemeinde Steinen, CC BY, Gemeinde Steinen
Circular route - "To Steinerberg
Photo: Xaver Büeler, Schwyz Tourismus
Circular route - "To Steinerberg
Photo: Gemeinde Steinen, CC BY, Gemeinde Steinen
Circular route - "To Steinerberg
Natürliche Bachläufe
Photo: Gemeinde Steinen, CC BY, Gemeinde Steinen
The circular trail leads from Steinen railway station through the Blattwald forest, the Sägel fen and then to the Steinerberg with a great view of the valley.
The circular trail "Nach Steinerberg" leads from the village of Steinen along the railway line to Blattiswald. Again and again you come across larches, which are rather rare at low altitudes and in the foothills of the Alps. The circular trail repeatedly offers views of the western shore of Lake Lauerz. In the depressions between the boulders of the landslide, pools form habitats for various amphibian species. In Blattiswald, the circular trail leads through structurally rich cultivated land with hedges, rows of trees and dry stone walls. Past the Steinerberg school and the railway station, the path leads back to the Steinen municipal area shortly after the Mulfisbach stream. The path continues in a varied manner on roads and meadow paths with steps along natural streams, meadows and pastures towards Steinen. The path leads to the publicly accessible playground of the speech therapy school of the canton of SZ and the special school, which invites you to linger. At the end, you can walk comfortably back to Steinen

Technical details

Tour type
Hiking Trail
Starting point
Steinen railway station
Point of arrival
Steinen railway station
3 / 6
145 m
145 m
Best Time of Year
March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
Steinen railway station 467 m.ü.M - Blattiswald 500 m.ü.M - Schwandegg 577 m.ü.M - Schwandli 576 m.ü.M - Mattenweid 518 m.ü.M - Weidli 494 m.ü.M - Steinen railway station 467 m.ü.M
Hiking shoes or trainers, rain jacket, drink, food, possibly poles.
Author’s advice
"Take a break and have some fine food at the Hirschen Steinerberg restaurant".
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Good to know

At Steinen station there is a car park where you can park for a fee.
Arrival / Return journey
From Goldau, drive in the direction of Steinen (Goldauerstrasse) and from Schwyz on Schwyzerstrasse in the direction of Steinen. Pass the village square in the direction of Steinen railway station.
Accessible by bus and train
Public transport
Arrival by train or bus from Arth Goldau or Schwyz to Steinen train station.

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