Old paths in wooded slopes

Hiking Trail
7.5 km
Travel time
approx. 4 h
Tour details
Tour details
Old paths in wooded slopes
Photo: Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus, Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus GmbH
Old paths in wooded slopes
Photo: Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus, Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus GmbH
Walk along old paths on wooded slopes in the Muotathal.
Equipped with good footwear, the trail begins at the cross at the edge of the forest and leads through the church forest. Climb the Chatzenstrick light-footed like a cat! Less courageous hold on to the fixed ropes. To get from the Zinglen to the Hinter Oberberg, ropes and ladders are mounted at exposed points weiderum. This section was once the shortest connection from Hinter Oberberg to Muotathal and young boys used this path to walk "z'Dorf". When you arrive at the Tritt sign, it is worth waiting for the picnic and going down the short stretch to the Trittchänzeli. A comfortable bench and an undreamt-of view of the Muotatal mountains invite you to linger there. From here the marked path leads to the idyllically situated mountain village of Illgau. Chamois often graze in the Bergli. Above the village centre, a signpost on the road points in the direction of Muotathal. The "old church path", which was restored a few years ago by retired hikers, leads steeply downhill through a wildly romantic forest past a waterfall. At Vita Parcours in the Tristel, a generously laid out fireplace awaits you on the banks of the Muota. Via the Vita Parcours you can reach the starting point Wil in a short time.

Technical details

Tour type
Hiking Trail
Starting point
Wil, by the parish church
Point of arrival
Tristel - Wil
0 / 6
721 m
721 m
Best Time of Year
May, June, July, August, September, October
Wil, near the parish church - Chatzenstrick - Hinter Oberberg: Tritt - Illgau - Tristel-Wil
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Good to know

There's parking in the Wil.
Arrival / Return journey
By car follow the signs to Schwyz, then follow the signs to Muotathal.
Accessible by bus and train
Public transport
By train to Schwyz, railway station. Continue by bus no. 501 in the direction of Muotathal to the bus stop Weid. From there a short walk past the Muota school building to the parish church of Wil.
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